Shinn-Horng LEE

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Shinn H Lee (李信弘)

Shinn is Staff Software Architect of Software and Solution Group at Intel Corp. Shinn leads a research and development team in Russia to develop high performance computational intensive algorithms. The area of focus ranges from audio, video, image processing, media compression technology, video mining and analysis, speech recognition, and computer vision. Shinn is the Chief Architect for the Intel Integrated Performance Library (IPP) and audio/video codec development.

Shinn graduated from National Taiwan University with the BS degree in Civil Engineering. Shinn served two years in Sinotech Consulting, developing underground tunnel structures for hydraulic power plant, before coming to US. He received MS degree from UCLA in Structural Engineering, and MS degree from UC Davis in Computer Science. Before joining Intel, Shinn worked for Daisy Systems, an once leading CAD/CAM company, developing circuit simulation tools and visualization application. During his 15 years with Intel, Shinn has worked extensively with teams in China and Russia since 1993.